UPVC Windows in Greasby

UPVC Windows in GreasbyUPVC windows in Greasby can benefit older homes. As the home ages, the windows are usually one of the first parts of the house to show wear or rot. Older windows were constructed from wood and needed varnish or paint every few years. This is was a tedious and time-consuming exercise. The windows had to be sanded down to the raw wood and then varnished or primed and painted. There were always small sections that were impossible to reach and this is where the water would eventually get in and start the rot in the frames. Our replacement windows are maintenance free and just need a wipe down every once in a while to look stunning.

When you need to renovate your home in Greasby, UPVC windows can replace almost exactly the windows in your charming cottage. We have a wide range of styles and colours including sash windows, tilt and turn windows and specially shaped windows. Our team of installers also include builders who can resize your window apertures to enable the perfect fit of your new windows. As many older houses or cottages were built with single pane glass, new windows will stop the draughts and make you home warmer as they are all double glazed.

We are window as well as door experts and can assist you with UPVC windows. Contact Doorstore today and see how over 20 years of experience has made us one of the leading door and window companies in your area. All our windows and doors are A-rated and Fensa registered. This means we can save you money on your energy bills. Our casement windows are by far the most popular style and are an ideal choice for timber window frames. We have a specialist glazier who can produce stained and patterned leaded or Georgian style panes. He can also design any pattern and manufacture a window individually styled uniquely for your home. Our windows all have state of the art security fixtures which your old windows might not have had.