Patio Doors in Parkgate

Patio Doors in ParkgateIf you are feeling closed up and claustrophobic in your home, knock out a wall and let Doorstore install patio doors in Parkgate. We use NUVU folding and sliding doors in pre-finished white or oak and also unfinished oak. available in seven different widths. Don’t worry about cold spots by the patio doors or radiating heat from the wide expanse of glass. Our patio doors are weather tested and sealed against cold drafts. The glass is argon filled double glazed for high thermal efficiency against the sun. The whole room will feel larger with a patio door opening hung from the top in both bifold or sliding installed to operate from left or right. Durable hardware and rollers glide easily with light effort but will give many years of service with very little maintenance.

“Bring the outdoors in” is a popular slogan to encourage customers to install patios and patio doors. Many of our customers want to enjoy a large view of the outdoors from inside their homes in Parkgate; patio doors allow that while keeping the outdoors out. View beautiful snow covered gardens without the cold, sunsets without the bugs and gorgeous flowers and plants without enduring the outside heat. Patio doors let you enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors from the comfortable climate controlled indoors. Those with environmental allergies can enjoy all seasons without symptoms. The kitchen/dining area is the most popular location for patio doors since it’s the common gathering place. But, don’t rule out patio doors in the family room and master bedroom so lovely outdoor views can be enjoyed throughout the house.

Secure locking mechanisms for patio doors in Parkgate was once a problem, especially for sliding patio doors. It was common to see a broom handle wedged in the door track to prevent the slider from opening. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. Our patio doors from Doorstore have multi-point locking systems and keyed drop bolts as standard. These doors are as secure as any solid wood door in your home. Contact Doorstore and ask about our A-rated UPVC patio doors; perfect for your conservatory. We offer a free consultation and bid for supply and installation of all our doors and windows.