Composite Doors in Barnston

Composite Doors in BarnstonWe have composite doors in Barnston at Doorstore. We also have wood and UPVc doors but let’s focus on composite doors because not everyone understands what composite means. Some wrinkle their nose at the word as if it describes an inferior product. Nothing could be further from the truth. A composite door comprises not one material but several; glass reinforced plastic (GRP), PVC, wood and insulating foam. These materials along with bonding glue are pressed together under high pressure. The combination overcomes the flaws of each single material door. It is stronger, more secure, durable and weather resistant.

Unlike other doors, the materials in composite doors are selected because each has a property that contributes to the quality of the whole. In Barnston, composite doors that we sell at Doorstore are thicker and made from high quality materials. There’s more; our doors are energy efficient, beautiful and you have many colours, styles and designs from which to choose. Those choices extend to the glass which is laminated into the door increasing your security. The glass door window can be shattered but it will not fall out. It stays in place. In fact, laminated doors are the most secure door you can have and still look good. We have a beautiful hardware selection.

We enjoy meeting new customers to Doorstore and demonstrating how composite doors in Barnston meet every criteria a door should. They protect from the elements, provide ultimate security and are attractive. There are many bonus features. Composite doors are affordable, will last for 35 years with little to no maintenance, colours won’t fade and weather has no effect. Contact us or visit us see samples in our showroom. We sell doors and windows. Customers tell us how much easier it is to focus on choosing just the right door in our speciality shop. The carpets, blinds, paint, and stacked lumber seems to be a distraction for customers of big home improvement stores. That’s good because our doors are better quality and we can showcase them as they would look in your own home. You’ll like our attentive customer service.