Door Specialists in Meols

Door Specialists in MeolsNo doubt you’ve shopped speciality shops for many items but have you ever paid a visit to door specialists in Meols? Doors are not all created equal and you need to give some thought to which interior and exterior doors are best for your home. French doors and patio doors are available in wood but you might like the UPVC which comes in white or a selection of colours and combined with our A rated double glazed glass are energy efficient and almost maintenance free. Bi-fold doors have become a popular choice for patio doors as well. You don’t have to make a choice from a brochure. We are door specialists and we have them on display for you at the Doorstore.

Composite doors for both your front door and your back are popular for the large selection of colours, wide selection of choices for decorative glass and maintenance free durability. The place to compare choices in Meols; door specialists at Doorstore of course. Composite doors are so strong because the compressed layers together create a material that no intruder is likely to kick in and still be able to walk away. These are beautiful front entry doors but they’re also good back doors because there is safety in their strength. UPVC doors and composite doors withstand the elements for decades without showing signs of deterioration, colour fading, warping or rotting. Both are excellent insulators and either is an excellent choice depending on your need.   

If wood doors, interior, exterior or both is your usual preference, see our door specialists in Meols at Doorstore. Six panel doors stained to your favourite shade of natural wood are ideal for interior doors. Wood is still a good choice for exterior doors and so elegant looking with brass hardware and etched glass windows. Wood doors are strong and good insulators. As with UPVC and Composite doors, wood doors are durable. Keep in mind since they are exposed to the elements they’ll need some maintenance every few years. Contact Doorstore to find out more about our excellent choices. Our products are guaranteed, installation is available and we have intruder proof locks so your door can do its main job; keep you safe.