French Doors in Ellesmere Port

French Doors in Ellesmere PortWe supply and fit quality French doors in Ellesmere Port.

These doors are actually windows that act like doors. A French door is defined by the fact that it has mullions and muntins. The original French door was wood and metal with embedded glass to let light through. To qualify as a French door the door must have glass embedded in wood muntins though the original French door had far less glass. It is possible to have a single French door but they are mostly seen as double doors. The purpose of French doors is to allow as much light as possible to enter the building as well as allowing viewing of a beautiful garden.

One of the reasons for installing a glass door with mullions and muntins is safety. In Ellesmere Port, French doors allow people to see that there is a door in the way. Many plain glass doors, attractive as they are, can be a safety hazard. If the glass is clear they are easily thought to be open and people and pets will regularly run into them. Although the glass is tempered and usually does not break it can still cause harm to the person. It is advisable to have stickers placed across the door to prevent such mishaps but these spoil the look of the door. In some countries it is mandatory to mark the sheer glass doors. French doors do not need these unsightly stickers and warnings.

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