Composite Doors in Upton

Composite Doors in UptonComposite doors in Upton are strong and durable and last far longer than the traditional wooden door. The composite door, as its name suggests, is made from a number of different materials combined to form a secure and weatherproof door.  Traditional wooden doors if exposed to the elements can warp and eventually rot.  In the right place where they are protected from the elements, they will last fairly well.  Composite doors are weatherproof and will never warp and cannot rot.  They are frequently made of an inner layer which comprises a wooden frame which is surrounded with a filling and then sealed into a glass reinforced polyester skin.  This door is filled with polyurethane high-density foam. Glass reinforced polyester is used in the manufacture of boats, baths and aeroplanes and is strong and waterproof. If you are interested in composite doors, speak to Doorstore.

If your old front door is looking worn and tired in Upton, composite doors will bring a fresh new look to your home.  This type of door is very low maintenance and will stand up to the worst the weather can throw at it.  It is energy efficient with the many layers that make up the door. The windows in the door are double glazed to further enhance the energy efficiency of the product.  The super strong skin provides security and durability to any outside door.  The finished article comes in a number of attractive and practical colours which will brighten the entrance to any home.

Composite doors in Upton can be custom made for your specific requirements.  Contact Doorstore today or visit our showroom to get some ideas for your ideal front door. We have over 20 years of experience in supplying doors and windows the Wirral and Chester area.  Our composite doors are elegant and stylish and look simply beautiful.   We offer individually designed leaded glass work for the doors so that your door will be unique.  We have a wide range of colours and styles enough to suit every imaginable taste.